Hair Salon Sacramento





Professional Stylist

I specialize in cuts, extensions, styling and color with over five year of experience. She has dedicated herself to learning the latest techniques and styles in the fashion industry. She recently acquired Redken training and is also the trusted colorist for International Hair Company. Her inspiration derives from relationships that are built and continued with her clients. She aims to transform her clients hair from the inside out by teaching practical hair care applications such as moisture, strengtheners, etc.  talent, expertise and kinship with her clients fuel her passion to deliver beautiful results.

Hair Extensions

I works extensively with celebrities and individuals that want a classy, professional or trendy style. I has made it her goal to stay current with the latest trends and styling techniques and continues to expand her knowledge through coursework in the latest processes by the most up to date hair care providers. Hair extensions are playing a very prominent role in the culture of today. Featured in movies, video shoots, covers of magazines and making a daily appearance on the tresses of teens and adults all over the world. They can be used for hair replacement, or hair enhancement. For optimal results finding the right method and technique is important. Equally important is the quality of the hair. She prefers Remy hair from International Hair Company to guarantee quality and lasting results. Please call today to schedule a consultation.