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Hair Extensions

I use Natural Indian Remy Hair for my hair extensions and weaves, it blends naturally with most hair textures, which gives a more natural look. Hair extensions are very popular in today's society. Women of all colors and professional backgrounds benefit from hair extensions. They are used to add length, volume and to change from straight to curly styles and vice versa. There are many different techniques used to apply extensions. Whether it is braided, bonded, linked. etc... We will determine which technique is better suited for you upon consultation.

We get our beautiful high quality Remy hair from our partners at International Hair Company.
You can visit their website at

Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

  • Brush hair before washing, starting from the ends, working towards the roots, separating the root area.
  • Wash hair at least once a week using a oil and silicone free shampoo.
  • Always wash hair in an upright position, never over a basin or bath.
  • Wash hair gently with warm water and carefully squeeze out excess water. DO NOT RUB!
  • When applying conditioner, DO NOT apply onto bonds, only from mid- length to ends.
  • DO NOT use protein or silicone based conditioner as the hair will tangle.
  • Detangle hair first before drying.
  • Never leave hair wet or damp as this will shorten the life span of the bonds.
  • If the hair is longer than shoulder length, tie a loose plait or ponytail before going to bed.
  • If scalp is greasy wash hair frequently and rinse with cold water.
  • After application of extensions, DO NOT wash hair for 24 hours.
  • Shampoo and dry hair as soon as possible after swimming.
  • Make sure to keep maintenance appointment in two weeks to check extensions and replace any extensions if necessary.